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Frontpoint Wireless Indoor Camera Review

Frontpoint Wireless Indoor Camera Review


The wireless indoor camera system from Frontpoint Security is one of the most popular do-it-yourself cameras on the market today. People love it because it allows them to keep an eye on their residence from literally, anywhere on the face of the planet. This feature alone convinced me to give it four stars because it helps people keep an eye on their pets and loved ones without having to be at home.

Frontpoint Wireless Indoor Camera Pros

The indoor camera system from Frontpoint Security can wirelessly connect to any broadband network and the technology behind this camera also allows you to see everything clearly…even if it is in the dark. I would suggest speaking to one of their representatives for more details about the specs because this camera is relatively easy to install but it’s a little ahead of it’s time.

I often hear people raving on about how good the motion sensors (which come with this camera) are. They love these sensors because the second they detect movement in your home…the camera can give you access to live streaming video or you can take advantage of the motion activated video clips offered by the Wireless Indoor Camera. You might also want to keep in mind that you can view footage from the camera from anywhere in world. All you need is internet access or a regular smart phone to be able to take advantage of the technology associated with this camera.

Frontpoint Wireless Indoor Camera Cons

I must admit that when I first saw this Wireless Indoor Camera…I wasn’t a big fan about the way it looked. But after looking into what this camera does and comparing it to countless other indoor cameras….i was convinced that this is the best choice.


I’d say that this an excellent indoor camera that seems to give you more value than you pay for. Considering the fact that it only costs $179.99 at the moment….I’d say it’s a great deal. You can get more details about this camera by calling Frontpoint Security at 1-888-707-2339 or visiting their website to learn more about what they have to offer.